Floral Arch, 2022 The Liaison, 2022 A Thin Strip of Cloud A3 2013 Autumn Scene A4 2013 Cloud Forest A4 2013 Coastal Habitat A3 2013 Distant Monument A3 2013 Ducks and Fog A3 2013 Giant Fungus, Dwelling A3 2013 Pines, Morning A3 2013 Rest Stop, Arid Land A3 2013 Tower Exile A4 2013 Bear Cave 2011 Brown Jupiter Cardboard Monument 2011 CottageElder Siblings Entering The Valley Hanging Flowers Moon Berry Painted Ruins 2011 ReunionRivers Edge 2011 Underground Tunnel Broken Ones Garden Path GenieGreen Falls Paved Isthmus Paved Isthmus at Platform Rubble Mountain 2012 Cave Hill Glass Dome Travelling Party