Mark Rodda
Lairs of the Haunted (I) (103 x 110cm)Lairs of the Haunted (II) (103 x 110cmChampion of the Valley (19 x 13cm)Antler Falls (II) (103 x 110cm)Antler Falls (I) (103 x 110cm)Snow in Spring (19 x 17cm)
Cradle Mountain, Barn Bluff, Crater Lake (103 x 110cm)Cave Network (22 x 18cm)Old White Lightning (103 x 110cm)Subterranean Snow Garden (19 x 13cm)Mountain, Bubble Clouds (19 x 17cm)Dolphin Pod in the Shallows (25 x 20cm)
Hills with Cloud & Mist (36 x 30cm)Mt Ossa (103 x 110cm)Looking South-East from the Mt Eliza Plateau, Tasmania (103 x 110cm)Mirage (19 x 13cm)Two Trees (22 x 18cm)Crater Forest (22 x 17cm)